Texas Democratic Party Senate District 3



Shirley Layton, Committeewoman


Bill Crowley, Committeeman

1060 CR 2445 

 Rusk, Texas 75785



Senate District 3 was created by the State of Texas 83rd Legislature. It is composed of nineteen counties as reflected in the current map provided on the above link.  At the State Democratic Convention the Committeeman, Bill Crowley and Committeewoman Shirley Layton were elected by the nineteen counties delegates to represent Democrats in Senate District 3.  The Texas Democratic Party Senate District 3 Committee operates with an informal organizational structure.  The district has been divided for meeting purposes into four groups as linked below along with accompanying maps.   Since the Texas Democratic Convention, Senate District 3 Committee established a website to link all of its counties' websites, county chairs and provide an events calendar. 

Pictured top left Texas Democrats from Senate District 3, Group I and 2 met in the Nacogdoches County, Texas Democratic Party Headquarters for planning Turn Rural Texas Blue.  County Chairs, activists and local candidates for office attended the March 9th meeting. Pictured top right on February 16, 2019 Senate District 3 Group 3 and 4 met in Lumberton, Texas at Catfish Cabin 192S. Lhs Dr. Carl Jones presented the Non Urban /Rural Caucus plan to the southern Senate District 3.


Visit Texas Senate District 3 Counties to meet our county chairs. Links to counties' websites chairs provided.


Texas Democratic Party Senate District 3 Committee Groups



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