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"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose." President  Lyndon B. Johnson




Counties and County Chairs for Senate District 3

Bill Crowley,


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County Chair      

Telephone #


*Anderson   Sharon Davis, Committeewoman SD3 903-724-5813
*Angelina   Angelia Cordova                     936-219-0388
*Cherokee   Bill Crowley, Committeeman SD3 903-245-4851
*Hardin   Vickie Brekel 409-679-4110
*Henderson   Ron Chapman 214-808-2448
*Houston   Sharon Berry 936-438-1234
*Jasper   Robert Webb 409-207-0462
*Liberty   Michael A. Mark 936-776-8637
*Montgomery   Marc Meyer 936-242-3367
*Nacogdoches   Michael Strong 936-205-6494
*Newton   Gloria Jones 409-382-0602
*Orange   Thurston"Louis" Ackerman 409-853-6504
*Polk    Don Glenn 936-328-6045
*Sabine   Dee Powell 409-625-4576
*San Augustine   Robert Fitzpatrick 936-288-0990
*San Jacinto   Sunny Garbarino 936-442-1218
*Shelby   Patsy Ann Handy 936.657.5018
*Trinity   Donald K.  Fisher 936-577- 5233
*Tyler   Robert Wood 409-283-8554


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